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Curing the Disease of Self-Doubt


Right now, in this moment, who you are is eternal freedom. Everything that you imagine yourself to be arises in that freedom, exists in that freedom, and disappears back into that freedom. Freedom doesn’t go anywhere. It didn’t suddenly appear when you were born, and it doesn’t disappear when you die. Freedom is the truth of life. Freedom is who you are. Not who you have named yourself; your name appears and disappears. Not who you have imagined yourself to be; that changes with time. Not who you feel yourself to be; that feeling comes and goes. Freedom is always here, and there is no end to it. Freedom is the essential nature of consciousness, and consciousness is the source of individual awareness.


Self-doubt is the last obstacle to freedom


Ramana Maharshi, the great Indian sage of the 20th century, said that self-doubt is the last obstacle to freedom. It is the final play of the mind. The mind is a great and wondrous power. It has the power to say no, the power to doubt, the power to deny. I am asking you to put that power aside, to not know, to not doubt, to be still.


Self-doubt is based on belief in your image of yourself as reality. Attached to that image is an idea that right and wrong look a certain way. Living bound to this image and evaluation of self is conditioned existence. You fear that without your ideas of yourself, you will certainly do it wrong. You believe that at your core, you really are wrong.


This is the truth: At the core, you are pure goodness. You are inconceivably lucky to discover this core of goodness. This discovery is your homecoming.


Drink the nectar of yourself


You are welcome home. Receive the nectar of home. It is the nectar of self-recognition, self-confirmation. Drink it. Allow it to be received in your being, and the disease of self-doubt is cured. If you turn from it, if you put it on a shelf, if you make plans to drink it some other day, then you are liable to imagine you have lost it.


Drink the nectar of yourself now. Just check inside and you will see that it is being offered. Check in the core of your being, and receive the mystery being offered there. Drink! When you have drunk your fill, you will overflow with nectar. You will offer it to any who come. This is Holy Communion. You and truth are one.