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Telling the Ruthless Truth


Whether consciously or unconsciously, most humans actively endeavor to keep whatever it is they like — their youth, health, pleasures, understanding, power, lovers, bliss – and to keep away what they do not like – aging, illness, confusion, helplessness, loneliness, misery, and so on. The mental effort to keep what is subject to loss, what will be lost, is the basis for most suffering. Ultimately all of this effort is the attempt to keep away death, whether it is the death of our health, or youth, or vitality, the death of a relationship, or the death of the body.


To discover real freedom, it can be very useful to investigate what you are trying to keep or what you are afraid to lose. Self-investigation is the act of finally meeting any force that drives your thoughts and strategies of mind. That force always comes down to the fear of loss.


With some degree of spiritual ripening, you can easily recognize the futility of trying to keep what you will surely lose. It is not difficult to remember that you have had moments of health, pleasure, understanding, power, romantic love, and maybe even ecstasy—and yet those moments have been lost.


When desired events or things are lost, usually the search reincarnates with the hope of getting something even greater, something that cannot be lost this time.


All experience appears, exists for some time, and then disappears. Usually the mind then scrambles to get that experience back, or to attain another, better, bigger experience. A mature mind has the willingness and fortitude to tell the truth. And the truth is ruthless and relentless. The truth is that you will lose your youth, you will lose your health, you will lose your pleasure, your understanding, your lovers, your mate, your children, and finally your senses and your body. You will lose everything. Although deep inside you know that this is true, there is usually a subconscious, desperate grasping at the hope: “Maybe not me. Maybe not!”


Eventually, all will be lost. At some point, unknown in time, your life will come to an end, and with it all your relationships and experiences, all your defeats, victories, accumulations, and attainments. Everything will be gone. This is true for everyone.


If for one moment you will allow yourself the experience of losing everything, really losing everything, you can tell the radical truth of what is always present. Eternal life is present for you now. You have the capacity to realize this because you are what realizes itself. All form appears in you. All emotions appear in you. All phenomena appear and disappear in you.


The attention, energy, and time that have been spent trying to “get” or “keep” something can be released, set free. This freed energy can be used for deeper self-exploration. Your mind can be used for a deeper exploration of what is already immortal, already presently here, already the truth of who you are—eternal life.


Gangaji © 2018 Edited from Diamond In Your Pocket: Discovering Your True Radiance


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