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Orinary Awakening


The question is: Can you live with all the ups and downs of the experience of being human, and still be conscious of, and nurtured by, the truth of who you are? Yes! This is not just for the sages of the past sitting on mountaintops. This is for you.


Perhaps it took eons for people sitting on mountaintops to develop reflective consciousness to such a degree that now you can actually open to receive what is finally and presently real.


This is a time of the ordinary awakening. You can see for yourself: “Here I am identifying with whatever is bothering me, rather than being fully engaged in what is effortlessly present.” At any time of the day, in a split second, you can simply check: “Has that which was revealed in a moment of grace gone anywhere? What is the deeper truth in this moment?” This is vigilance.


If you are serious in your resolve to be vigilant, then your resolve will be tested. Once you consciously say, “Okay, I am ready. I am ready for everything to appear and test my confidence in what is true, what is real,” then of course you will be thrown to the ground time and again. You are playing with the master, life itself.


You can expect re-identification to occur. If you expect re-identification, then the suffering that accompanies it reveals whatever arrogance, sleepiness, denial, or investment in some old story is still being indulged. Then you can find a continual deepening and humbling that serves an even stronger resolve to vigilance.


This is the potential. This is the hugeness of the play of human existence. It makes your story seem very small. And it is! But the vastness of a life of true freedom defies measure.