This is an invitation to shift your allegiance from the activities of your mind to the eternal presence of your being.


Featrued | How do I stop my suffering?

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NEW | The Problem Is Not the Problem
In dealing with life’s hardships, we naturally...


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This is not an invitation to not be human. It is...

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Gangaji's Invitation

"I am here, in your consciousness, for your freedom and lasting fulfillment. I know it is possible for you to discover the source of freedom, and then to spend the rest of your life being true to that, allowing that to inform your work, your words, and your life."
Gangaji shares a simple message that has touched the lives of people across the globe and in all walks of life. Her invitation is to discover what has always been whole and fulfilled, who you already are. With self-inquiry, Gangaji guides and supports all who meet her in turning their attention away from thoughts and into the direct experience of what is always here - peace itself.

Self-Inquiry is an Open Investigation​

The natural outcome of self-inquiry is an open mind. Self-inquiry with Gangaji is an opportunity to discover directly who you are and where home truly is.

Check out some of the ways you can participate below, or take a one page course.

A Global Community Comes Together

Join Gangaji and a global community that gathers in self-inquiry each month. Live online meetings and member forum.

Together in Retreat

Take a deep dive into self-inquiry in the company of others on retreat. Check out Gangaji's calendar of in-person events.

Community Video Screening

Watch specially selected video clips together and connect with others around the glove in discussion groups.

Extensive Video Library

Hundreds of curated clips and recordings of Gangaji's meetings going back 30 years.

Meet the Community

We wholeheartedly welcome your participation in this loving community that comes together to make Gangaji's invitation available to all who are interested, whether behind bars, across the globe, or in our local communities.

If your life has been touched by Gangaji’s invitation, join her in sending a message of peace that reverberates in the hearts of others as it has in yours. Your gift today sustains and grows this platform for peace that reaches around the world.
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