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When Papaji asked Gangaji to pass on his message of peace in 1990, the meetings very quickly outgrew her living room. So she asked for help, and it graciously arrived. In 1993 The Gangaji Foundation was established in Boulder, CO with a small staff. To this day the community is a global network of volunteers and donors dedicated to serving peace together.

The Gangaji Foundations serves the truth of universal consciousness and the potential for the individual and collective recognition of peace inherent in the core of all being.

Serving peace side-by-side

As our human family faces enormous challenges on health, social, environmental, and political fronts, being peace and serving peace is our opportunity. We can be the answer to our own prayer for peace.

With generosity, creativity, skillfulness, and willingness, this global community creates and sustains a broad platform of offerings—all amplifying a message of peace and fulfillment that reaches around the world and even past prison walls. We welcome your support and participation.

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Telling Our Stories

Living from the Ground of Being is our community blog. Meet some of the people who have stepped forward over the years in support of Gangaji, and hear their stories of realization and recognition.

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Join Our Family of Donors

If your life has been touched by Gangaji’s invitation, join her in sending a message of peace that reverberates in the hearts of others as it has in yours. Your gift today sustains and grows this platform for peace that reaches around the world.

"I was compelled to donate as a result of Gangaji’s words: 'Stop postponing your union with yourself.' They went instantly and directly to my heart. There was an immediate opening and understanding and silence. And then there was gratitude."

—BB, Donor, TAOS, NM

Programs that Serve Peace

Freedom Inside
Prison Program 
We respond to hundreds of inquiries from men and women living behind bars every year. Prisoners can request books free of charge, enroll in Gangaji’s monthly course by mail, Freedom Inside, and participate in a peer-to-peer correspondence program for volunteers and prisoners.
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Scholarships Funded 
by our Donors
Scholarships have an immediate impact heart to heart. Donors make scholarships possible for every meeting and retreat with Gangaji.

 “I feel like I have been given a treasure...” —KW
Community Transcribing & Archive Team
To make Gangaji’s teachings accessible through books, blogs, video clips, and podcasts, staff and volunteers come together to ensure every meeting is properly archived and transcribed.
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Podcasts & 
Social Media
Gangaji’s monthly podcast, Being Yourself, YouTube, and other social media channels, deliver this message of peace far and wide. Coming across a video on YouTube or Facebook is often someone’s first introduction to self-inquiry.
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Meet the Board & Staff

Gangaji - Chairperson

The Gangaji Foundation was formally established as a non-profit foundation in 1993, and Gangaji was made chairperson of the Board of Directors. To this day she is hands-on in her role, working closely with the Board, staff and volunteers around the world, leading the organization with her wisdom, inspiration and clarity of purpose.

Mark Northcross - Vice-Chair

Mark began volunteering at Gangaji's events in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1997. A steady presence there ever since, he felt "graced to have the opportunity to join the Board" in 2003. Living in Mill Valley with his beloved wife, he currently works in the municipal bond business advising local governments in California on how to issue bonds.

Lorraine Wilson

"When I was invited to serve as a member of the Board of Directors it was a natural fit for me to bring my public relations expertise in support of that which I love. I am in deep gratitude to Gangaji for her teachings and feel extremely honored to support her message of peace and the work of the Foundation so that all beings may rest in the heart of who they really are."

Leanne Drumheller

"Over the last several years I have felt called to engage more deeply with the Gangaji Foundation and in the Invitation to Peace that she is sharing with the world. Bringing this message out to the wider circles of community takes time, effort, and financial resources, and as my yes for this teaching was so resounding, it made perfect sense to step farther into the organization to help share the needs of the organization with the community and be a part of what is so very open to take part in. I feel immensely grateful for the grace of Gangaji and this beautiful teacher in my life. To join the Board of Directors is a great honour in my life."

Suman Pregerson

Suman was a founding board member of the Gangaji Foundation in 1992, along with Maitri (Erin Robbins), Shivayama (Sally Ruane), and Gangaji. Over the years Suman has filled other volunteer roles at the Foundation, but rejoined as a member of the Board of Directors in 2016.

Barbara Denempont - Executive Director

"In 1993, I quite accidentally found myself in a meeting with Gangaji in Boulder, Colorado. That lucky afternoon, I heard something that I had been waiting to hear my entire life. I am supremely grateful to Gangaji and to those who hosted that life-changing meeting back in 1993. I am committed to making Gangaji's message and invitation available to others as it was made available to me."

Barbara began as a volunteer, first in small ways and then as a one-year full time volunteer supporting communications. In 1996, she came on as full-time staff.

Her background includes 15 years of experience in the broadcast and cable television industry, primarily as a promotion writer/producer and creative director. She has extensive experience in the areas of promotional writing, film and television production, and creative management. Clients included Harpo, Inc., NBC Network, NBC Superchannel in London, Fox Network, Nickelodeon, and A&E. Barbara received a BA and MSA from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Cat Rowland - Finance Manager

"I met Gangaji in 1997. I was completely blown away and signed on to volunteer that very day. I had the great good luck to be invited to join the staff in 2000. I have worn a few different hats during my time with the Gangaji Foundation as Bookstore Manager, Events Manager, and now Finance Manager. It is with boundless gratitude that I find myself here still."

Harriet Watson - Communications Manager

Harriet began as a volunteer and donor in 2004 and was invited to join the staff in 2009.

"Before joining the staff I had a variety of work experiences, from architectural publishing, writing, and graphic design, to full time motherhood, which somehow all lined up to give me the exact tools I needed to make myself fully available to the Gangaji Foundation."

Shanti Einolander - Prison Program Manager

“I first met Gangaji on video in 1993. Later that year, I had the unbelievable good fortune of traveling with her to meet Papaji in India. My heart has been given to this lineage ever since. In 1994, I began working with Gangaji to compile, edit, and produce her books You Are THAT; Freedom & Resolve; and The Diamond in Your Pocket. Today I feel deeply blessed to be on staff with the Gangaji Foundation, continuing to contribute with content editing and writing, as well as managing Gangaji’s prison program. I am doubly blessed to be working alongside such an exquisite family of staff, volunteers, and donors, all who share a passion for living a true life in love and truth. We often remark that Gangaji’s greatest gift to us is one another!”

Tom Hoffman - AV Manager

I met Gangaji in 2006. What she said sounded exactly right to me. That meeting was the fulfillment of my adult life of searching for and answer to "what is the truth?"

I love video and sound production, and being involved with the staff and board making Gangaji available to as many people as possible. I began as a volunteer with the foundation very soon after meeting Gangaji, and came on staff in 2009.

I was in the US Army in 1970-71, and later received a BA degree in Art from Virginia Wesleyan College. My background includes several years in TV studio production in Los Angeles in the 70’s and 80’s, and 12 years as one of the scenic artists at The Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Zubin Mathai - Website Development

“I came across Gangaji in 2006, and diving into her books and going to retreats that first year was a welcomed life-changer. Her teachings, for me, became the simple period at the end of a decades long sentence of a scattered spiritual search.

During the dot-com boom, I was the CTO of a few silicon valley startups, then spent a happy decade as a freelance engineer and writer. When I volunteered a couple years ago on some tech projects for the foundation, I got to know the staff and see firsthand their passion and dedication. Joining the staff felt like a natural evolution — and a beautiful honor.”

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