Meet the Community

Since 1993 this loving community has been bringing people together for the sake of peace.

We are all linked together by these invisible cords of love, supporting one another. ~Gangaji

Truly a Global Network

This is a global family comes together to support each other in discovering and staying true to peace. Whether you found Gangaji on YouTube last week, in your prison library, or at a public meeting back in the 90s, this space is for you. Find out how you can get involved and come closer. We are just like you...

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Volunteers and Donors Come Together

With generosity, creativity, skillfulness, and willingness, this global community creates and sustains a broad platform of offerings—all amplifying a message of peace and fulfillment that reaches around the world and even past prison walls. We welcome your support and participation. 

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Our Shared Purpose

Side by side with Gangaji, we serve the possibility that all being awaken to itself. Our purpose is simply to make this invitation to peace and freedom available to all who are interested.

Using old and new technology combined with pure inspiration, the Gangaji Foundation programs currently serve spiritual seekers in more than 175 countries and inside more than 250 US prisons. Everything is made possible by volunteers and donors making sustained and meaningful contributions year after year. Learn more about what the community has created and sustained for more than 30 years…

"It is a great wish of mine to contribute to peace in the world. Supporting the work of Gangaji is a wonderful opportunity to do so." —Gertrud, Switzerland

Our Community Behind Bars

More than 600 men and women make up this very important part of our community. Each month we are humbled and inspired to read their letters and responses to Gangaji's monthly newsletter that goes by mail to prisoners.

"When I received the first letter from a life-term prisoner who had already served twenty years, been refused parole six times, and yet could write, “Even though I am in prison, I love my life,” I was speechless. Could I say that about my life, despite being a free person in much easier circumstances?" ~Prisoner Correspondent

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More Programs that Serve Peace

Archives & Transcribing
To make Gangaji's teaching accessible through books, blogs, video clips, and podcasts, staff and volunteers come together to ensure every meeting is properly archived and transcribed.
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Podcasts and Social Media
Gangaji's monthly podcast, Being Yourself, Youtube, and other social media channels, deliver this message of peace far and wide.

Scholarships have an immediate impact heart to heart. Donors make scholarships possible for every meeting and retreat with Gangaji. "I feel like I have been given a treasure..." —KW
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Coming Closer
The Gangaji Foundation was started by a group of volunteers and donors, and to this day it runs on the love and support of volunteers across the globe.
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Telling Our Stories

Living from the Ground of Being is our community blog. Meet some of the people who have stepped forward over the years in support of Gangaji, and hear their stories of realization and recognition.

Latest post...
In Their Hands: A Shout Out to Our Transcribers
A quick report from our transcriptions team. This is a community led, dedicated group of many hands (literally) from all over the world, who are well on their way to getting every meeting with Gangaji...

My Passion

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More Ways to be in Community

Global Connection
A global community comes together each month for a meeting with Gangaji, time spend with fellow members in small group sessions, and in a dedicated online forum.
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Together in Retreat
"The utter simplicity of remembering who I am, in the beauty of nature, with loving fellow travelers, is priceless.

In Person retreats and weekends with Gangaji
Community Video Screenings
Now in English and German, these community-led meetings allow you to watch a Gangaji video together and share with each other in breakout groups via Zoom.
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Coming Closer
The Gangaji Foundation was started by a group of volunteers and donors, and to this day it runs on the love and support of volunteers across the globe.
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Hear from more members of the community...

"When our hearts are open, the whole world meets us, spreading it all around. What a discovery of being; a world that opens its heart as we open our eyes. I have so much love for Gangaji and this community for showing support along this way. Thank you unconditionally."~ Sylvia.

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