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February – Being Yourself / Fixing Yourself

What would it mean if you stopped trying to fix yourself? What arises when you consider ending your efforts to improve your personality, your thoughts, your emotions, or your circumstances? What if you simply let yourself be in this moment? What is discovered?
In our next online gathering Gangaji shares a daring possibility: being yourself instead of fixing yourself.



March – Victim No Longer

“No matter what the world is reflecting, whether circumstances are beautiful or terrifying, if your internal story is one of victimhood, you will suffer. It is very simple.”

Recognizing when we are repeatedly telling our victim stories is the first step to ending our suffering and realizing true freedom. This month Gangaji’s supports us in being radically honest with ourselves. We will investigate which of ours and others’ emotions victimize us, and how we can stop being victimized by those emotions. In the wake of that recognition, then we can consciously choose to let it go, to choose freedom over suffering.



April –The Death That Can No Longer Be Ignored

Some truths are very difficult to tell, so we simply ignore them. We have a variety of means to avoid these “smaller” deaths—the death of our youth or a relationship or a career. Often we postpone, we deny, and we delude ourselves rather than tell a hard, unmistakable truth. For our inquiry, it doesn’t help to judge these habits, but is that really how we want to live? What is your experience, what is the consequence of denial and postponement? Is it worth it?


May – What Do You Want? Really?

After we recognize the consequences of denial and postponement, we have the opportunity to tell ourselves the truth. Then we can ask ourselves a life-changing and essential question: What do I really want? What will that give me?  This central inquiry in Gangaji’s work provides us with a doorway to ourselves, to a lasting happiness and fulfillment. And yes, it takes everything.



June – Deepening Our Capacity to Meet Pain

All of us living in a human body are confronted with living on a continuum of pain and pleasure. Much of our life energy is given to avoiding pain and seeking pleasure, often ending with great loss. The long list of strategies for avoiding pain (you can identify your own quite easily) ultimately, cannot succeed. Through self-inquiry, you can actually discover a deeper capacity to meet what is here, just as you are. Rather than transcending or numbing the pain we experience, we can meet it and be deeply surprised by what that meeting reveals.


July – The So-Called Spiritual Bypass

“You don’t have to work on yourself to be free.”

Is the so-called “spiritual bypass” just a form of rationalization and avoidance? Many believe the analysis of our psychological underpinnings and personal pain narratives is necessary to realize peace and happiness. Gangaji has a more radical message: Take the bypass immediately and go directly home. What are is Gangaji pointing to? This month she will fully addresses the essential difference between taking the spiritual bypass (aka the Advaita Shuffle) and spiritual overlay. Are we really shirking responsibility when we take the bypass? How it is possible to end our postponement and finally be free? Why would we postpone freedom? Let’s check it out together. You may be surprised.


August – Beyond Practice: Effortless Self-Realization

The desire for true freedom, the desire for real fulfillment, paradoxically can finally only be realized if you don’t do anything for its realization."

For many spiritual seekers “effortlessness” and “self-realization” are mutually exclusive. Gangaji’s suggestion that we don’t need a spiritual practice to realize lasting peace and fulfillment has been called by some, spiritual heresy. This month Gangaji offers this heretical invitation: See what is beyond practice. In this month’s online gathering, she guides us through an investigation into what we are actually practicing, and how our spiritual practices can both serve us and hinder us in living a free and authentic life.


September – Self-Inquiry: The Inner Dive