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Freedom Inside: A Course in Self-Inquiry with Gangaji

“Until you discover your inner freedom, all of life will seem to imprison you. And when you are free inside yourself, no outer prison walls can contain your peace and love.”


There are physical prisons and there are mental prisons. You can live in either or both. If you are reading this and feel imprisoned by your mind, it is possible to be free no matter where you find yourself physically.


Gangaji’s long-standing prison program is the sure proof that your circumstances, your past, your future, your successes, and your failures cannot touch the pristine truth of who you are. The possibility for all of us is to discover the freedom and peace that are alive within us, to end our unnecessary personal suffering, and to live a life of peace and fulfillment regardless of our physical circumstances.


Freedom Inside is a course that was first designed for those living behind bars. Now we want to share this special offering with you. Freedom Inside offers a pathway of self-discovery, one that leads you directly home. The challenges of your life can be met, and the capacity of your heart can deepen when you are willing to discover what is here and who you are.


We will begin our journey together starting in September. Read more about the course topics here…Gangaji begins the conversation with willingness and the meaning of self-inquiry.



September – Self-Inquiry: The Inner Dive


In our restlessness, we think that we have to do something to get to lasting peace or happiness or freedom. Self inquiry proves that all that is necessary is to be willing to open the mind. Very simple and yet, supremely challenging. 


If you have been on a search to find lasting peace or happiness or even just to find some rest, where have you been looking? In our September online meeting, Gangaji invites you to look where you may have never thought to look. Guiding us past the superficial, Gangaji leads us on a deep inner dive that reveals our true face and the very source of lasting peace and happiness.


Along with providing a clear perspective on what self inquiry is and isn’t,this month Gangaji discusses the willingness required for self inquiry and how we can continue to deepen that willingness..  If you have never met or spoken with Gangaji, this will be a great opportunity to discover what Gangaji is offering.



October - Is Your Story Real?


“Most humans are born inescapably defined by their stories, yet if we remain limited by those definitions we live a life of inner bondage. When we recognize the stories that generate our definitions of ourselves, we are closer to the discovery of what is indefinable within us. That discovery reveals inner freedom and lasting fulfillment.”


What narrative are you repeating to yourself about yourself? This month, we examine the stories we tell ourselves over and over that create our mental prisons. Though inquiry, we can recognize the open doorway that leads to true self discovery.



November - The Nature of Our Emotions


“Just for this particular session, just for now, let your attention move from what you are saying about your emotions to directly experiencing them, feeling them, and then discover what’s underneath them.”


Last month, we began to examine our repetitive stories so that we can recognize what we are telling ourselves and what we believe about ourselves. This month we look at what gives our stories their life: emotions. Often we analyze our feelings rather than simply feeling them. Join Gangaji for this inquiry into our nested human emotions, and discover what is underneath the phenomena of emotional states.



December - Healing the Primal Wound


“Until you discover your inner freedom, all of life will seem to imprison you. And when you are free inside yourself, no outer prison walls can contain your peace and love.”


When you desire freedom, you have to be willing to face what you have been avoiding. Gangaji invites us to recognize the power of emotions to define our human inner experience and to realize the prisons we build around ourselves for protection from certain emotional states . If emotions are running your life, you can discover there is a fresh choice available to you.



January - Support is Everywhere


“In the instant of no longer being enslaved by previously entrenched reactionary habits of thinking or feeling, gratitude is here. The gratitude to be and to know without a doubt I am is the open door to a life of freedom, whatever the circumstances.”


Support appears in countless forms including those that may be unwelcome. This month, we see how all circumstances, both positive and negative, can deepen the recognition of who we are at the core. What support do you welcome and what support to you reject? What support do you offer and what support do you withhold?



February  – Self-Hatred & Victimhood /Victim No Longer Part 1


 "The willingness to realize the truth of yourself, the willingness to be free, is the willingness to no longer be a victim—regardless of pain, circumstances, or the actions of others."


 No matter what the world is reflecting, whether circumstances are beautiful or terrifying, if your internal story is one of victimhood, you will suffer. It is very simple.  Conscious freedom is the freedom to meet suffering consciously, and then consciously choose to let it go.



March – Self-Hatred/Victim No Longer Part 2


April –Divine Disillusionment


May – What is Being Protected?


June – Ending Our Patterns of Unnecessary Suffering Part 1 – The Survival Drive


July – Ending Our Patterns of Unnecessary Suffering Part 2 – Sexual Identity and True Intimacy


August – Ending Our Patterns of Unnecessary Suffering Part 3 – Personal Power/Real Power is Conscious Awareness


September – Discovering Natural Fulfillment


October – Fulfillment and Responsibility


November – Forever Free from Brokenness


December – Morality & Mistakes