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Freedom Inside: A Course in Self-Inquiry with Gangaji


“Until you discover your inner freedom, all of life will seem to imprison you. And when you are free inside yourself, no outer prison walls can contain your peace and love.”


There are physical prisons and there are mental prisons. You can live in either or both. If you are reading this and feel imprisoned by your mind, it is possible to be free no matter where you find yourself physically.


Gangaji’s long-standing prison program is the sure proof that your circumstances, your past, your future, your successes, and your failures cannot touch the pristine truth of who you are. The possibility for all of us is to discover the freedom and peace that are alive within us, to end our unnecessary personal suffering, and to live a life of peace and fulfillment regardless of our physical circumstances.


Freedom Inside offers a pathway of self-discovery, one that leads you directly home. The challenges of your life can be met, and the capacity of your heart can deepen when you are willing to discover what is here and who you are.


June 2019 – Ending Our Patterns of Unnecessary Suffering Part 1 – The Survival Drive


“Do you have the courage to be who you truly are, to die to your conditioning? This is a huge question that should only be answered with serious examination.”


Our bodies, as well as all life forms, are hard-wired to survive. In this first of three sessions that explore how we perpetuate unnecessary suffering, Gangaji demonstrates how the drive to survive can keep us from the truth of our inherent freedom.



July 2019 – Ending Our Patterns of Unnecessary Suffering Part 2 – Sexual Identity and True Intimacy


 “The truth is that sexual intimacy is not necessary for the discovery of the deepest intimacy.”


The second drive that is the cause of so much human misery revolves around our sexual identity. Sexual energy is a huge force, and there is deep conditioning to do something with that force. At the heart of it is a longing for intimacy. In this session Gangaji will explore the true meaning of intimacy that includes, but is not limited to, sexual intimacy.



August 2019 – Ending Our Patterns of Unnecessary Suffering Part 3 – Personal Power/Real Power is Conscious Awareness


 “At the most basic level, spiritual maturity has to do with the realization that you are not in control.”


The drive for power is naturally alive in all of us to one degree or another. It is an aspect of our shared humanity. Whether you identify yourself as having power or being powerless, this month Gangaji offers the possibility to recognize what is untouched by any power.



September 2019 – Discovering Natural Fulfillment


“You are naturally already who you are. But when you continually try to avoid, fight, deny or dramatize the pain or suffering in your life, you overlook what is always free of that.”


Gangaji will speak to the real consequence of overlooking who we truly, naturally are. When we misidentify or define ourselves based on our thoughts, emotions, bodies, and circumstances, we get caught in a painful trap that Gangaji calls “the story of me.” Whether that story is relatively positive or negative, we can be consumed with escaping the relative pain and suffering we are experiencing or seeking greater pleasure. Seeking any form of escape keeps us on the wheel of suffering rather that simply stopping and being ourselves.



October 2019 – Fulfillment and Responsibility


“I am inviting you to take responsibility for the awakened presence that you realize to be the truth of who you are, in this precious body, in this precious human incarnation, for this precious time on Mother Earth.”


Whether you live the life of a simple hermit, a busy householder or an activist, this month Gangaji invites you to simply open and allow your life to be used by the force of freedom that is alive in your heart.



November 2019 – Forever Free from Brokenness


“You don’t need to perfect anything to discover who you truly are. It’s already perfect.”


By their very nature your body, your mind, your emotions and your circumstances are subject to imperfection, but who you truly are is not. Through inquiry, we can discover that there is actually plenty of room in perfection for our experiences of imperfection.



December 2019 – Morality & Mistakes


“I am not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do in your life. That’s really up to you. Your own innate capacity to be still and know who you are uncovers an ocean of natural intelligence.”


This month Gangaji will lead us in examining our fallibility as humans. It is humbling to discover that even though we may have had moments of great illumination and insight into the absolute truth of being, we still make mistakes. We still have the capacity to harm, and we do unintended harm all the time just by being alive as humans on this planet. The possibility is to tell the rigorous truth: Who are you, really? Where do you begin? Where do you end? In that discovery, there is naturally a deep concern for yourself as the totality, alive and in love with itself in all being.


Looking Ahead to 2020


January – The Willingness to be Wrong


February – Freedom in Relationship


March -  The Mind’s Surrender to Silence


April – Where is your Allegiance?