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It is a privilege to be able to align our lives and resources with what we truly love. We are very lucky, and we can share our luck. In very tangible ways, the global community of volunteers and donors delivers a message of peace into the hands and hearts of thousands of people everyday. Along with Gangaji's website, a full schedule of events and monthly webcasts, the commuity is making a difference right now...


ensuring listeners in 164 countries can access Gangaji’s podcast every month.


...turning Gangaji Radio into Gangaji Media with the capacity to reach many more people througout the world, and expand into new mediums with new offerings that speak right to the heart.


...supporting Freedom Inside for prisoners. As well as fulfilling hundreds of book requests from prisoners, and pairing more than 30 volunteer corresponders with pen pails in prison, we are serving 180 inmates (so far) in 35 prisons across the country with monthly installments in a new course by mail with Gangaji.


…Creating an Oasis of peace where every language is spoken. Our global translation team are making Gangaji’s invitation truly global. Speaking English shouldn’t be a requirement to receive this message of peace. The 100 plus videos offered in our digital video library, The Oasis, can carry subtitles in as many languages as we have translators.



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The Gangaji Foundation is a public 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.

  • There is no Foundation without all of you...

    Listen to community organizer and volunteer Kat Miller speak about her inspiration for the Gangaji Foundation




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