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The Gangaji Foundation is fully engaged in making this message of love and peace available to all who can receive it.  Our community includes translators, transcribers, writers, poets, photographers, event planners, financial experts, audio and video editors, coders, digital and social media experts, handy men and women, set up teams for public meetings, graphic designers, retreat hosts, local video group hosts, donors who provide scholarships and keep the Foundation financially sound...and more.


Here is an update on our efforts:


  • Right now, dozens of community members volunteer to correspond with prisoners. They also join the 195 men and women in prison participating in Gangaji’s monthly course by mail, Freedom Inside.

  • Our subtitling/translation project has expanded into Eastern Europe and now includes Poland, Hungary, Romania, Estonia, and Slovenia.

  • Dozens of scholarships were awarded to make all events and online programs accessible to those in financial need.

  • Gangaji’s podcast,  A Conversation with Gangaji, has been downloaded over 2.5 million times, and many more thousands meet Gangaji through the website and YouTube, and connect with her each month during her webcast and via her streaming video library and magazine, The Oasis.


There are many ways you can contribute financially to the Gangaji Foundation; all serve to make a difference. The gift you make today supports our global platform for peace and expands our capacity. To fully fund Gangaji’s programs we need to raise $172,000 by year-end. We invite you to become a monthly donor. Or, simply send an end-of-year charitable gift, a gift of stock, or help us build a legacy by adding the Gangaji Foundation to your will or trust.


Thank you for considering these possibilities. We are in this together.


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The Gangaji Foundation is a public 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.